Stepping Stone is a special and unique school that has been dedicated to “excellence in education” since its founding in 1968.

We would like to thank all of our enthusiastic, positive faculty, students and families that make our school one of the leading private preschools in the East Texas area.

We appreciate all the former students families, community leaders and public officials who have given their support in various ways. Many thanks to our Parent Partners and our Partners in Education.

Realizing that parents are the principle influence in children’s lives, we would like to thank all of our “Helping Hands” parents and grandparents who have volunteered for a variety of activities such as: providing special snacks, helping with special events, assisting with development activities, working the Book Fair, sharing talents and careers, and accompanying us on field trips. Together we continue to make great strides in education. Your contributions of time and knowledge are invaluable. No efforts are too small when the education of our children is involved.

Once again, thank you for developing a partnership with us to enhance your child’s learning opportunities to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners in a changing, diverse world.