It means a lot to me that I live and work in a community such as ours with fine people like you.
David Dickerson

We love you guys! Thank you for taking care of my baby everyday!
Melinda Tefteller

Stepping Stone makes it easy for working parents to have their children involved in extra curricular activities Stepping Stone is truly an amazing school!
The Colbys

...How impressed I am with the quality of education my daughter has received at Stepping Stone School...
Sean P. McSpedden, Chandler, Texas

The BEST Stepping Stone has offered outweighs the alternative of public school.
Sandy & Bryan Homan

Our family chose Stepping Stone for our son because the class size has a low student-teacher ratio. We also like the one on one attention that each student receives and the recognition that each student is different and recognizes that each student learns different.
Darron & Mindy LaField

caring and committed staff
Matthew Hamby

My parents knew what the right choice was. Now I know where to send my kids years later.
Jennifer Rippy

Stepping Stone has always given our daughter exceptional care since she was one, and everyone is always impressed with her skills and abilities, which I credit to the wonderful teachers.
Rebecca Berkley